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MW Engineers

MW Engineers is a multi-disciplined engineering company who have delivered multiple complex projects in the rail, electronics, software, oil/gas and security industries.

We provide clients with the full range of services and capabilities from design, through manufacture, install and repair. All covered by ISO.

With more than 15 years' experience in projects across Australia, our organisation possesses significant expertise and certification in on-site rail signalling and complex control systems.

  • Design: certified designers with rail competencies, give us a range of high-quality services in this area.
  • Engineering: research & development, custom solutions, obsolescence remediation, control systems, software production and testing.
  • Project and on-site capabilities; one of the most experienced and skilled teams in the rail sector, project management with a high focus on health and safety, design correlation, installation, testing and commissioning, emergency works, civil works. The right skills and plant resources for any rail project. Our flexible team can react and adapt competently, in cases of unforeseen circumstances, changes or expansions of scope.
  • Consulting: we can deliver a complete service, from assisting clients to successfully secure a tender, through complete project management and successful delivery, including procurement costs, stage budgeting and milestone planning. Every aspect can be professionally delivered in either a support role or complete management package.
  • Asset Management: our skill set includes non-invasive drone survey of bridges and installing fibre optic or other monitoring systems.

Bringing safety, value, reliability and experience to your project, clients can expect:

  • Access to some of the most knowledgeable rail specialists in the country
  • A flexible team that is trained to the highest standards of safety and technical competency
  • An impeccable safety record
  • Specialist software and equipment manufactured and tested in Australia, by our own team
  • Talented engineers and consultants to help deliver your projects

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Our leadership team

Joseph Williams

Managing Director

Joseph Williams holds a Bachelor of Electrical Engineering from UTS and a Master of Business Administration (M.B.A). He has more than 15 years of Project Management experience, specialising in railway projects. Joseph is founder of MW Engineers and establish MW Engineers in 2004, with over 25 years' experience in Rail projects in brown and green field projects.

Dianne Williams

Financial Controller

With over 25 years' experience in IT and Finance, Dianne is responsible for overseeing the accounts department and ensuring everything runs smoothly.

Paul Morgan

Signalling Manager

With over 30 years' railway signalling experience, Paul is highly regarded in the rail industry. Paul has extensive experience in managing signalling construction projects and electrical installations, maintaining, testing and commissioning of rail signalling systems. Paul has a proven track record in turning under-performing projects to successful outcomes for clients around the country.

MWE Rail

MWE Rail was created to consolidate and expand the existing equipment catalogue, whilst also spearheading new technology solutions. Allowing our highly skilled and experienced team to deliver a comprehensive range of services and equipment to the rail and other sectors.

Renewable Energy Power Systems

Integrating renewable energy solutions are a high priority for many sectors.

Accordingly, designing, manufacturing, testing and commissioning solar, wind, hydrogen energy systems are well within the scope of our skill set.
We have already designed, tested and commissioned the Sentinel Solar Power System.

This modular, rugged and reliable independent power unit can be scaled to provide uninterrupted power to anything from low static loads for road/track side fibre optic monitoring systems to the large dynamic loads required for rail points machines.

A version of the Sentinel, designed for level crossing applications, is currently undergoing ARTC assessment trials and has surpassed all expectations.
Sentinel can also be combined with a wind turbine and a hydrogen generator to provide a complete off-grid hybrid system.

Signalling, Test and Maintenance Equipment

MWE Rail supplies the same high quality signalling and testing equipment that the sector has come to expect, with some important additions.
Please see our PRODUCTS.

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