Sentinel Solar Power System

MWE Rail set out to design and build an autonomous, independent solar power system that would not only comply with the latest rail standards but surpass them.

Trackside conditions are notoriously harsh, meaning any equipment correspondingly has to be rugged enough to survive.

Existing solar solutions for rail applications are usually just uprated residential system, generally non compliant with the published standards and are fragile.

Over the course of 18 months and in collaboration with a partner resource, the Sentinel Solar Power System was designed, developed and built to answer every expected challenge.

Based on cutting edge Lithium battery technology, the system encompasses MilSpec components, has N+1 redundancy, fully scalable to meet any static/dynamic load demands, including level crossings and points machines.

A high level of condition monitoring is also a key facet of the system. Operators can use a simple app to log in and monitor input, output, battery charge rate and levels.

The further continue the aim of reducing operator costs, ultra efficient 450W solar panels are mounted on custom tilt mast frames.
The Sentinel design allows for great versatility and can incorporate wind turbine and hydrogen generator back up, to provide a completely renewable hybrid power system.