Shelf Relays Replacement

All track relays on Outer Harbor and Grange line on AMPRN are the Shelf type relays. All shelf relays are believed to be life expired. All these old shelf type relays require changing to new Q style relays.

There are approximately 180 shelf type relays installed in location boxes on Outer Harbor and Grange lines. The scope of work includes the correlation of affected circuits, signalling design changes as required to fit the new relays, supply of new relays, installation works at location boxes and relay rooms, testing of track circuits and related circuits, and provision of CAD as-built drawing updates.

During September 2017 through to October 2017 in Adelaide MW Engineers have successfully install, test and commissioned Grange and Outer Harbour lines with the new miniaturise Q style track relays. It is a major success as the project have been an engineering challenge and countless of engineering hours have been spend to ensure that the installation of these DC track is successful and reliable. MW Engineers provides the in-house team to deliver the project on time and budget. These new track circuits are the most important part of running reliable train system for Adelaide city.

MW Engineers would like to extend our appreciation to all our suppliers and DPTI management team in ensuring the project was delivered successfully.