Adelaide Electrification

What was the project?

Siemens chose MW Engineers for the construction and installation signalling equipment - all the work they were awarded as part of the Adelaide Re-signalling Project.

The specialist work undertaken included:

What were the central challenges?

This project represented one of the biggest collaborations between MW Engineers and other civil construction crews. Tight time frames between work groups meant that even one change to one work group’s schedule affected the schedules of other crews on the ground, including MW Engineers.

What did we do? / How did we overcome the challenges?

Our crews were able to thrive throughout months of rapidly changing schedules on this project, thanks to having the right people on the ground. Having people who are certified and specially trained in railway signaling construction and installation helped to increase productivity, which is something essential to time sensitive projects. Another key to our success in Adelaide was having an experienced management team on-site who were empowered to make decisions when plans changed.

What were the outcomes?

In the end, our professional, flexible approach enabled the Principle Contractor to successfully deliver this time-pressed project on time.