Manual Operation Box

MW Engineers manufacture this product for ARTC in New South Wales for safer operational of Level crossings in the state of NSW.

A manual operation switch shall be provided in a SL locked box. This switch shall not switch off the mains power supply to the level crossing equipment, but shall permit activation of the level crossing, even if the emergency switch has been operated. If rail traffic movement does not activate warning equipment.

Some rail traffic movements (e.g. wrong running-direction movements) may not activate track-circuits, and so not operate warning equipment.

Qualified Worker ( as per network procedure)

  1. Get the Test keys from the controlling location.
  2. Get the Network Control Officer's permission to manually operate the level crossing.
  3. Open the Test box.
  4. Set the Test switch to TEST to activate warning equipment and stop road and pedestrian traffic. After road and pedestrian traffic has stopped, give a PROCEED hand signal to the Driver or track vehicle operator.
  5. When rail traffic has fully cleared the level crossing, and if no other rail traffic is approaching, set the Test switch to NORMAL to allow road and pedestrian traffic to proceed.
  6. Lock the Test box.
  7. Return the keys to the controlling location.

Further reference can be obtained in ARTC web sites:
ANPR 715 Protecting Type F Level Crossings I2 Rev0.pdf and ESD-03-01.pdf