Test Strap Kits & Daisy Chain

MW Engineers has been involve in testing and commissioning of Railway system in Australia for more than 14 years and on going. The founder of company has been in Rail Industry since 1990 and has been involved in brown field and green field project in testing and commissioning new and altered signalling system.

As Tester in Charge and signalling engineer whom responsible for testing and commissioning activities in a safety critical industry. MW Engineers understand the importance of the uniquely identified and precise number of temporary testing strap being used on site. These test straps are important and must be tracked continuously as it can caused a fatality if left on site where it should not be as these temporary strap will circumfix the control working of a safety system.

The following are designed to meet the ARTC requirements and only used by authorised signal test engineer:

Further detail can be obtained from the following link: